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  • Uber, Uber, uber to come up with technology that detects drunk app user, Uber ai

    Uber to Come Up with Technology that Detects Drunk App User 2018-06-13 08:42:52

    Uber, a peer-to-peer ride-sharing, taxi cab, food delivery, a transportation network company now wants to know how intoxicated or high the app user is, before taking a ride so that it can accordingly take a call. An application initially spotted...

    Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Drunk App User, AI

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    Ken Detzner, cybersecurity, florida to enhance cybersecurity to prevent election hacking, Uber ai

    Florida to Enhance Cybersecurity to Prevent Election Hacking 2018-07-11 12:23:17

    Pursuing concerns in respect to Russian hacking during the 2016 presidential election, Congress allocated $380 million to states so they can upgrade their election systems. Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner has already proposed a plan and his office submitted...

    Keywords: Election Hacking, cybersecurity, Ken Detzner, Election Hacking

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    Sammohanam review, Sammohanam movie review and rating, sammohanam movie review rating story cast and crew, Uber ai

    Sammohanam Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew 2018-06-14 13:27:21

    Sammohanam is the story of Vijay (Sudheer Babu) who dreams of getting his first book published and is a children book writer. When Vijay has no good thoughts about films, his father (Naresh) is a movie buff and he rents...

    Keywords: Sammohanam Movie Tweets, Sammohanam rating, Sammohanam rating, Sammohanam rating

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    Shooting at Majority Stoneman Douglas High School, Shooting at Majority Stoneman Douglas High School, florida high school shooting convict gunman confessed, Uber ai

    Florida High School Shooting Convict Gunman Confessed 2018-02-16 12:36:05

    Florida:Yet another mass shooting by a gunman who killed 18 high school students in Florida. This deadly shooting came just before the school closure at around 2:30pm. When armed shooter, Nicholas Cruz took an Uber and came down to his...

    Keywords: Florida High School Shooting convict gunman confessed, Shooting at Majority Stoneman Douglas High School, Shooting at Majority Stoneman Douglas High School, Shooting at Majority Stoneman Douglas High School

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    Veergati, Veergati, salman s veergati co star beats tuberculosis says i survived only because of him, Uber ai

    Salman's Veergati Co-star Beats Tuberculosis, Says I Survived Only Because of Him 2018-08-08 12:39:24

    Bollywood actor Salman Khan's Veergati - which was released in 1995 - co-star Pooja Dadwal was discharged from hospital after a five-month conflict with tuberculosis, and she thanked Salman for having come to her aid. Pooja's family reportedly abandoned her...

    Keywords: tuberculosis, Veergati, Veergati, Veergati

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    Parkland social activist, protest at super markets, student of parkland david hogg calls for die in protest at public supermarkets, Uber ai

    Student of Parkland David Hogg Calls for ‘Die-In’ Protest at Public Supermarkets 2018-05-24 10:18:15

    Florida:One of the most visible Parkland activists is calling for a “die in” at Publix supermarkets Friday to protest its donations to gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam, whose pro-gun stance gets him a top rating from the National Rifle Association.David Hogg,...

    Keywords: protest at super markets, Parkland social activist, protest at super markets, parkland student protests

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