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  • 16 years after 9/11 attack, 9/11 attack, 9 11 memorial 16 years passed, Syria

    9/11 Memorial; 16 years passed 2017-09-11 07:24:58

    It’s been 16 years of Sep11th 2001, this fateful day has left scares on many hearts in America. The Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda with its 19 militants hijacked four airplanes and carried out a series of terrorist attacks in United...

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    Issue of US visa, American visa, decline in us visas for pak rise for india, Syria

    Decline In US Visas For Pak; Rise For India 2017-05-30 09:20:19

    Pakistan has experienced the significant drop of 40 percent in the number of US visas granted to its nationals under the administration of President Donald Trump despite of not being in the travel ban countries list of US President. In a...

    Keywords: US Visa issue, Issue of US visa, US Visas, American visa

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    Donald Trump, Donald Trump, donald trump signs new executive order, Syria

    Donald Trump signs new executive order 2017-03-07 04:37:04

    President Donald Trump has signed a revised executive order banning immigrants from six Muslim countries from coming to US for 90 days. The new order is aimed at getting around the legal confrontation that spiked the first decree on the...

    Keywords: Donald Trump, top stories, Donald Trump signs new executive order, Executive order

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    Microsoft, Eternal Blue, cyber attacks create chaos around the globe, Syria

    Cyber attacks create Chaos around the Globe 2017-05-13 06:57:10

    A massive wave of cyber attacks swept across more than 70 countries around the world on Friday is being reportedly termed as the biggest attack of its kind ever recorded. The attack is believed to be part of an extortion...

    Keywords: Cyber attacks across world, Eternal Blue, National Security Agency, Eternal Blue

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    US India news, Trump Slams India With Harsh Words, trump slams india over paris climate deal, Syria

    Trump Slams India Over Paris Climate Deal 2017-06-03 05:26:19

    US President Donald Trump slams India with harsh words during a speech, justifying the United States step back from the Paris climate deal. President’s harsh words are within the boundary with his aggressive, pro-America jobs stance, and also he likely...

    Keywords: Trump Slams India With Harsh Words, US India news, Trump Slams India With Harsh Words, US India news

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    Syrian Refugee Family, US Syrian Refugees, a syrian refugee family setting new life in south florida, Syria

    A Syrian Refugee Family Setting New Life In South Florida. 2017-03-08 11:48:16

    A Syrian refugee family is settling into life in South Florida.They have new friends, a new apartment and new hope for the future after leaving their home in war-torn Syria. Raghad Sammouneh, aged 19, said that she, her parents and...

    Keywords: Jose Vega, Raghad Sammouneh, Jose Vega, Jose Vega

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