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  • Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, bengaluru christian priest among 300 accused of sexually abusing kids in pennsylvania, Sex

    Bengaluru Christian Priest Among 300 Accused of Sexually Abusing Kids in Pennsylvania 2018-08-17 12:02:55

    Among over 300 priests from six Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania of the United States who have been accused of sexually abusing thousands of children, is a Bengaluru priest, Father Gabriel Patil, a member of the Barnabite religious order. The Bengaluru...

    Keywords: Bengaluru, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Bengaluru Christian Priest

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    Native American, Native American, aicho organizes native american cultural training, Sex

    AICHO Organizes Native American Cultural Training 2018-07-26 07:39:44

    American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO) held a training for Police officers and service providers aiming to help them better understand survivors of violence. The training session made them learn about cultural differences in the American Indian community and that...

    Keywords: Native American, Native American, Native American, Cultural Training

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    Facebook posts, Facebook posts, facebook grooms 7 500 content reviewers over offensive posts, Sex

    Facebook Grooms 7,500 Content Reviewers over Offensive Posts 2018-07-28 09:44:07

    A social networking company Facebook said it is constantly grooming over 7,500 content reviewers how to handle posts related to hate speeches, terror, and child sexual exploitation on its platform, after facing ire over reports that its moderators protect far-right...

    Keywords: Content Reviewers, Offensive Posts, Dispatches, Facebook posts

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    Women Football Players, Heading, study women football players more vulnerable to injury from heading, Sex

    Study: Women Football Players More Vulnerable to Injury from Heading 2018-08-02 13:14:12

    Women brains are much more assailable than men's to injury from recurrent football heading, according to a new study.According to findings published online in the journal Radiology, the parts of damaged brain tissue were five times more extensive in female...

    Keywords: Women Football Players, Heading, Football, Football Players

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    Casting Couch, Sexual harassment, casting couch was out of work for 8 months after my refusal says aditi rao hydari, Sex

    Casting Couch: Was Out of Work for 8 Months After My Refusal, Says Aditi Rao Hydari 2018-07-31 07:33:35

    Sexual harassment of women in the film industry has been an open secret for years. Particularly, in the wake of last year's 'Mee Too' movement in Hollywood, several women actors have spoken about their experiences of being sexually harassed at...

    Keywords: Aiditi, film industry, Casting Couch, Aditi Rao Hydari

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    Fights, Infidelity, 5 alarming signs your marriage is falling apart, Sex

    5 Alarming Signs Your Marriage Is Falling Apart 2018-07-30 04:58:02

    Much like how no one gets married overnight, even the problems and rifts in a marriage don’t really occur overnight. They creep up silently and end up building an invisible gap between the partners. Would you be surprised if I...

    Keywords: Partner, Marriage, Adultery, Adultery

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