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  • florida pythons, florida pythons, florida s everglades now have 1 000 fewer pythons, Scientist

    Florida’s Everglades Now Have 1,000 Fewer Pythons 2018-05-23 09:54:09

    Florida:Snake hunters for the South Florida Water Management District hit a major milestone when they bagged their 1,000th Burmese python before heading out and quickly catching eight more.On Tuesday, the district held a celebratory check-in at the Homestead field station,...

    Keywords: florida pythons, pythons in florida, python hunters, pythons in florida

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    Chemicals, Indian-Origin, indian origin scientist demonstrated new technology convert plant matter into chemicals, Scientist

    Indian-Origin Scientist Demonstrated New Technology, Convert Plant Matter into Chemicals 2018-05-21 04:59:49

    California: Sandia National Laboratories in California, led by an Indian-origin scientist with his team has demonstrated a new technology based on bio-engineered bacteria to produce chemicals that are economically feasible from renewable plant sources.The technology enables to convert tough plant...

    Keywords: Chemicals, Chemicals, Indian-Origin Scientist, Chemicals

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    North Korea not keen on Talking to US during Olympics, North Korea has never

    North Korea Not Keen On Talking To US During Olympics While Pence Re-Iterates US Wants Peaceful Resolution 2018-02-08 10:04:55

    Seol:The Winter Olympics begin today in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and North Korea stays off a formal dialogue or seeking one, with US delegation. Jo Yong Sam, department director general of North Korea's foreign ministry, said North Korea has never "begged...

    Keywords: North Korea has never "begged the US for dialogue", North Korea stays off a formal dialogue, North Korea stays off a formal dialogue, North Korea not keen on Talking to US during Olympics

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    Pollution Free World, Hydrogen, india origin scientist to create pollution free world, Scientist

    India-Origin Scientist to Create Pollution Free World 2018-05-25 04:43:43

    An India-origin scientist Govinder Singh Pawar has stepped closer to moving to a pollution free world, creating a photoelectrode - a semiconductor that can store solar energy in more efficient way than any other method and as well use it...

    Keywords: Pollution Free World, Solar Energy, Pollution Free World, India-Origin Scientist

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    Cyberbullying, Cyberbullying, new system can point cyberbullies on social media, Scientist

    New System can Point Cyberbullies on Social Media 2018-06-12 07:12:05

    Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have formulated a new method that can point filthy personal attacks by cyberbullies on social media and alert parents or network administrators when ill-treatment has occurred.The approach uses five times less computing resources than existing...

    Keywords: BullyAlert, New System, Instagram, BullyAlert

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    Richest Indian Americans, Richest Indian Americans, 20 indian americans make their run for us congress raise over 15 5 million, Scientist

    20 Indian Americans make their run for US Congress, raise over $15.5 million 2018-04-27 12:27:39

    This year a record number of 20 Indian Americans are running for upcoming congress elections, all the members together, collectively have already raised over $15.5 Million, as per the latest data, seven of those have raised over a million each...

    Keywords: Indian American Senators, Indian American Senators, Indian American Senators, Richest Indian Americans

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