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  • , , searching director aneesh chaganty is latest sensation in u s, Google

    'Searching' Director Aneesh Chaganty is Latest Sensation in U.S. 2018-09-14 08:44:54

    The 27-year-old Indian origin filmmaker Aneesh Chaganty is the latest sensation in the United States. His debut film 'Searching' has been proclaimed a critical and commercial success. Made with a shoestring budget, the film has up to now grossed about...

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    Neighbourly App, Google apps, google expands neighbourly app to five more indian cities, Google

    Google Expands 'Neighbourly' App to Five More Indian Cities 2018-09-12 13:03:51

    Google-owned "Neighbourly" app, which assists users with local information like nearby parks, shopping arcades, fitness, food and tuition centers is now rolling out to Indian cities such as Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Mysore, Vizag, and Kota.The beta version of "Neighbourly" is available...

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    Google CEO, Google, google ceo to meet u s lawmakers amid republican criticism, Google

    Google CEO to Meet U.S. Lawmakers amid Republican Criticism 2018-09-28 09:39:53

    Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai is scheduled to have a private meet with members of Congress on Friday after he and his boss, Google co-founder Larry Page, stood up lawmakers at a public hearing last month.The private gathering is...

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    Google+ shut down, Google plus, alphabet shuts down google after 5 lakh user s data breached, Google

    Alphabet Shuts Down Google+ After 5 Lakh User's Data Breached 2018-10-09 10:12:14

    Internet giant Google on Monday said it is shutting down the consumer version of its own social networking platform Google+ due to reduced usage and a defect discovered in March earlier this year that could leak the data of about...

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    Gmail, Gmail, google still allowing third party apps read your gmail report, Google

    Google Still Allowing Third-Party Apps Read Your Gmail: Report 2018-09-21 11:55:55

    After going through a backlash over reports in July that third-party app developers can read your Gmail, Google has over again defended its policy to allow third-party apps to access and share data from Gmail accounts.According to a CNNMoney report...

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    Google CEO, Google CEO to testify, google ceo to testify before u s house in november, Google

    Google CEO to Testify Before U.S. House in November 2018-09-29 10:18:19

    Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai, after having a meet with Republican lawmakers on Capito Hill on Friday agreed to testify before the House Judiciary Committee in November to assuage concerns over privacy issues and the tech giant's entry into...

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