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    Guinea free from Ebola virus! 2015-12-29 12:10:14

    On Tuesday, Guinea was declared free of Ebola virus by authorities and the U.N. World Health Organisation. In the West African nation, over 2,500 people died because of the virus. With this, Liberia is the only country left as the...

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    Human Antibodies To Fight Ebola, Human Antibodies To Fight Ebola, new human antibodies to combat ebola, Ebola

    New Human Antibodies To Combat Ebola 2017-05-20 10:30:34

    A team of Scientists which was led by the Indian-origin has discovered the natural human antibodies which can neutralise and also protect animals against from three virulent Ebola viruses. The new study can aid to discover vaccines against the deadly...

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    islamic extremist, michael adebowale, man who killed british soldier charged, Ebola

    Man who killed British soldier charged 2013-05-30 13:07:27

    Causing shame to the nation, in what is suspected to be an Islamic extremist attack, a couple of men attacked a British soldier in broad daylight in the streets of London and brutally murdered him. One guy who was arrested...

    Keywords: cleavers and knives, michael adebowale, michael adebowale, british soldier killed in daylight

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    samples, quarantined, india spots ebola treated patient, Ebola

    India spots Ebola treated patient 2014-11-19 10:45:58

    A 26-year-old Indian from Liberia, cured of Ebola there, was quarantined in New Delhi after his semen samples show-ed traces of the virus. the Health Ministry said on Tuesday. The Union health ministry said his three blood samples tested at...

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    Ebola outbreak, Ebola vaccine, ebola vaccine shows 100 success in trials conducted in guinea, Ebola

    Ebola Vaccine Shows 100% Success In Trials Conducted In Guinea 2015-08-01 09:37:03

    A vaccine against Ebola has been shown 100% successful in trials conducted in Guinea during the epidemic and is expected to bring an end to the current epidemic and future Ebola outbreaks in West Africa.The trial involved 4,000 people and...

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