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  • Breast-Feeding, Breast-Feeding Decreases The Risk Of Heart Diseases, breast feeding decreases the risk of heart diseases in women, Cancer

    Breast-Feeding Decreases The Risk Of Heart Diseases In Women 2017-06-24 10:07:50

    Breast-feeding may literally be good for the heart: A new study suggests that breast-feeding decreases the risk of heart diseases in women. For the study, researchers have analyzed information from nearly 300,000 women in China. They found that those women...

    Keywords: Breast-Feeding, Women health, Breast-Feeding Decreases The Risk Of Heart Diseases, Women health

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    Indian-American news, US Senate, donald trump appoints indian american to key federal energy agency, Cancer

    Donald Trump Appoints Indian-American To Key Federal Energy Agency 2017-05-09 09:03:43

    President Donald Trump has appointed Indian-origin Neil Chatterjee to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The agency oversees the electricity, natural gas and oil at the national level. 40-year-old Chatterjee will play a key role in President Trump’s program to reshape...

    Keywords: Donald Trump Appoints Indian-American, Donald Trump Appoints Indian-American, US Senate, Donald Trump

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    Bollywood, Bollywood, veteran actor vinod khanna passed away, Cancer

    Veteran Actor Vinod Khanna passed Away 2017-04-27 09:20:15

    Veteran actor of Indian cinemas, Vinod Khanna passed away this morning at the age of 70 at Mumbai’’s HN Reliance Hospital. According to reports the actor was battling with cancer for years. The renowned actors had a long Bollywood career;...

    Keywords: Gurdaspur, Vinod Khanna passed away, HN Reliance Hospital, Gurdaspur

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    women Health, women Health, uti in women, Cancer

    UTI In Women 2017-05-23 12:59:05

    As per the American Urological Association and National Institutes of Health, the risk of woman's to develop a UTI in women lifetime is between the 40 and 50%, especially those among the newly sexually active and those in their menopause. Women...

    Keywords: UTI Symptoms, UTI Symptoms, UTI Symptoms, Women UTI Symptoms

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    Obamacare, Ro Khanna, indian origin lawmakers against repeal of obamacare, Cancer

    Indian-origin lawmakers against repeal of Obamacare 2017-05-05 13:10:15

    Indian-origin lawmakers have supported the Obamacare over a bill that aims to replace the landmark achieved by former president Barack Obama, alleging that the new order passed by the House of Representatives would kick off about 24 million Americans of...

    Keywords: USA, Obamacare, Donald Trump, Indian-origin

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    Breast cancer lifestyle, Healthy Lifestyle For Breast Cancer, healthy lifestyle to reduce risk of breast cancer, Cancer

    Healthy Lifestyle To Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer 2017-05-24 07:32:29

    A new study said that, the things which keep you healthy overall, will help the women to lower the risk of breast cancer. The study discovered that exercising on a regular basis, maintaining a healthy diet and weight and also...

    Keywords: Breast cancer lifestyle, Breast Cancer, Risk Of Breast Cancer, Risk Of Breast Cancer

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