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  • US companies, Indians in US companies, u s says will take public opinion on h 4 visa revocation proposal, American airlines

    U.S. Says Will Take Public Opinion On H-4 Visa Revocation Proposal 2018-11-09 12:35:44

    The Trump administration has made it certain to lawmakers and the American corporate sector that the people would get a chance to respond to its proposal of revoking work authorization to H-4 spouse visas after they raised their concerns over...

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    Bhavya Suneja, boeing, lion air crash pilots struggled to control plane says report, American airlines

    Lion Air Crash: Pilots Struggled to Control Plane, Says Report 2018-11-28 05:58:52

    Nearly a month after the brand-new Boeing 737 crashed into the sea, the black box data show that Lion Air pilots struggled to maintain control of the jet as its automatic safety system repeatedly pushed the plane's nose down, according to...

    Keywords: Lion Air, nose down, Lion Air Crash investigation, information

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    know flight schedule, flight delays, soon you may predict flight delays on smartphones via google assistant, American airlines

    Soon You May Predict Flight Delays on Smartphones via Google Assistant 2018-12-19 13:05:32

    Google Assistant, that is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices, will soon tell you over the phone if your flight would be delayed even before the airline announces it, using flight status data combine with Machine Learning (ML)....

    Keywords: flight delays on google assistant, know flight schedule, know flight schedule, know flight delays on google

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    views, surprise, singapore airline charges 1 200 wifi bill for checking e mails, American airlines

    Singapore Airline charges $1,200 wifi bill for checking e-mails 2014-11-19 09:43:53

    A Canadian traveller was surprise when he was hit with a sky-high $1,200 (£750) bill after using on-board wifi on a Singapore Airlines flight. Toronto businessman Jeremy Gutsche said he was shocked when he saw the charges and accused the...

    Keywords: streaming, upload, comment, comment

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    Straws, Straws, american airlines to obviate plastic straws, American airlines

    American Airlines to Obviate Plastic Straws 2018-07-11 09:13:19

    American Airlines, the world's ample airline is gearing-up to halt usage of plastic straws and drink stirs by replacing them with perishable alternatives. The American said on Tuesday that starting this month in its airport lounge it will serve drinks...

    Keywords: eco-friendly, eco-friendly, Straws, Airlines

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    US Airways, American Airlines and US Airways merge, american airlines and us airways agree to merge and create world s biggest airline, American airlines

    American Airlines and US Airways agree to merge and create world`s biggest airline 2013-02-14 06:57:53

    DALLAS — The merger of American Airlines and US Airways, to be formally announced Thursday, caps a turbulent half-decade of bankruptcies and consolidation for the U.S. airline industry and leaves travelers four big carriers to choose from. The boards of...

    Keywords: US Airways, American Airlines, American Airlines, American Airlines and US Airways merge

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