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  • eco-friendly, American Airlines, american airlines to obviate plastic straws, Airlines

    American Airlines to Obviate Plastic Straws 2018-07-11 09:13:19

    American Airlines, the world's ample airline is gearing-up to halt usage of plastic straws and drink stirs by replacing them with perishable alternatives. The American said on Tuesday that starting this month in its airport lounge it will serve drinks...

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    noa hurricane, Hawaii news now, people stock up on water ramen as hurricane threatens hawaii, Airlines

    People Stock Up on Water, Ramen As Hurricane Threatens Hawaii 2018-08-22 07:09:32

    Hawaii residents rushed to grocery stores on Tuesday to stock up on drinking water, ramen and toilet tissue as they faced the menace of flash flooding, heavy rain, and high surf from a powerful and erratic hurricane anticipated to churn...

    Keywords: Hawaii islands, hawaii weather, Hawaii islands, Hawaii

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    US, work, u s says will take public opinion on h 4 visa revocation proposal, Airlines

    U.S. Says Will Take Public Opinion On H-4 Visa Revocation Proposal 2018-11-09 12:35:44

    The Trump administration has made it certain to lawmakers and the American corporate sector that the people would get a chance to respond to its proposal of revoking work authorization to H-4 spouse visas after they raised their concerns over...

    Keywords: lawmakers, Trump administration, visa, Trump administration

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    agency, rescue, indonesia s lion air flight with 189 on board crashes into sea, Airlines

    Indonesia's Lion Air Flight with 189 On Board Crashes into Sea 2018-10-29 07:38:36

    A Lion Air flight with 188 people on board, just minutes after taking off from Indonesia's capital crashed into the sea on Monday. Indonesia's disaster agency posted photos online of a crushed smartphone, books, bags, and parts of the aircraft...

    Keywords: Lion Air flight, flight, rescue, Lion Air Boeing

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    plane, plane, indonesia plane crash search team recovers more remains, Airlines

    Indonesia Plane Crash: Search Team Recovers More Remains 2018-10-30 05:51:24

    Indonesian search and rescue teams on Tuesday recovered more remains at the site of a crashed Lion Air jet that plunged into the sea with 189 people aboard, as a report said it had suffered an instrument malfunction the day before. The...

    Keywords: Lion Air Jet crash, Lion Air Jet crash, Indonesia, rescue agency

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    Hawaiian Airlines Flight Passengers, Hawaiian Airlines Flight Passengers, pepper spray goes off in hawaiian airlines flight passengers given emergency aid, Airlines

    Pepper Spray Goes Off in Hawaiian Airlines Flight, Passengers Given Emergency Aid 2018-09-01 10:35:22

    Hawaiian Airlines, the largest airline in the United States said a can of pepper spray went off inside a plane headed from Oakland, California, to Maui, requiring emergency help for several people onboard. Airline spokesman Alex Da Silva says 12...

    Keywords: Hawaiian Airlines Flight, Hawaiian Airlines Flight, Hawaiian Airlines Flight Passengers, Hawaiian Airlines Flight

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