OPD Officers Shot Driver Despite Policy against Shooting in To Vehicles, Victims Family Question PoliceTop Stories

May 16, 2018 12:31
OPD Officers Shot Driver Despite Policy against Shooting in To Vehicles, Victims Family Question Police

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A man has lost life after being fired by police officials in the parking lot of on East Colonial Drive, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said. Police did not immediately identify the man or the officers.

Sandra Silva wanted to get justified reply from authorities, why her brother Juan Silva was shot and killed by Orlando police last week during an encounter that began with an allegation of shoplifting from one of the popular Orlando shopping plaza.

Silva who lives in Mercedes, Texas, She said that “I have lots of anger and sadness,” with loss of her little brother.

Police authorities said that Juan Silva aged 32, was the gateway driver for two women accused of stealing baby clothes on May 7 from Marshall’s at Colonial Plaza on East Colonial Drive.

The encounter of Silva, is the first case of an officer shooting in to a vehicle since the Orlando Police Department changed its policy in june 2016, to prohibit such shootings in most cases.

At that time, 15 out of 47 shootings in a seven year period, or about a third of shootings, involved officers shooting in to vehicles.

According to the Authorities, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said on the day of the shooting that the officers were in fear for their lives based on the evidence at the scene and witness statements.

An agency spokeswoman declined to answer additional questions about the shooting.

There are still questions about whether police used too much force any time an officer shoots in to a vehicle, said Mark O’ Mara, a criminal defense attorney.

“You’re not supposed to shoot into a car because you can turn a car into a 3,000-pound missile,”

O’Mara said, added saying that a moving target is harder to hit with accuracy and more dangerous for bystanders.

OPD’s directive also notes that bullets fired are “extremely unlikely” to stop a car and that disabling the driver “may cause the vehicle to crash and injure other members or innocent citizens.” Other local agencies and many across the country have similar policies such as one at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, which says shooting at a moving vehicle should be a “last resort” to protect the deputy.

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