'RapidRx' prescription app!

June 23, 2016 07:22
'RapidRx' prescription app!

Hyderabad-based Saince Health Tech initiated a mobile-based electronic prescription application 'RapidRx'. The physicians will be able to prescribe medicines electronically to patients in any type of care setting like a clinic, hospital or even tele-medicine, with the help of this mobile app along with a web portal.

The app RapidRx' is innovated by the Saince HealthTech, a subsidiary of Saince, a USA corporation has developed. Raghuvir Vedantham, president and CEO, Saince HealthTech said while unveiling the RapidRx features, that, "the unique feature of this application is accessibility of a first ever comprehensive database of over 26,800 licensed drugs sold in India that include generics, brands, strengths, in-take method and dosage. It is a very intuitive app that enables doctors to write prescriptions in few seconds."

"RapidRx minimizes medication errors, a leading cause of prescription related complications. Our goal is to push its adoption to doctors and patients," Raghu claimed.

Raghuvir said that, the app is funded by internal accruals. Saince will continue to invest in its further development to add many more features to its seamless functions and applicability.

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