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  • healthy travel tips, healthy travel tips, tips for healthy travel, Tuberculosis

    Tips for Healthy Travel 2013-08-12 09:43:05

    During a recent trip to East Africa, I spent a miserable week in a fan-cooled hotel room battling high fever, body aches, and severe sinus congestion. My only pain relief was an ineffective generic antihistamine from a local pharmacy. Luckily,...

    Keywords: tips of healthy travel., tips of healthy travel., tips for travel, healthy travel tips

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    Indian scientist, Yusuf Hamied, indian scientist becomes member of high level health panel, Tuberculosis

    Indian scientist becomes member of high-level health panel 2015-11-21 07:14:42

    UN chief Ban Ki-moon has appointed an eminent Indian scientist, Yusuf Hamied, to a high-level panel on health technology innovation and access. Yusuf Hamied is the non-executive chairman of Cipla, generic pharmaceutical manufacturer. He will now be a part of...

    Keywords: Indian scientist, Indian scientist, Yusuf Hamied, Yusuf Hamied

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    Vitamin A Deficiency Increase Risk Of TB, Risk Of TB, vitamin a deficiency increase risk of tb, Tuberculosis

    Vitamin A Deficiency Increase Risk Of TB 2017-06-15 07:03:39

    A new research discovered that, the people with vitamin A deficiency and living with the individuals infected with tuberculosis (TB) tend to develop the disease 10 times more than the people with high levels of vitamin A. "If the link...

    Keywords: Vitamin A and TB, Vitamin A Deficiency Increase Risk Of TB, Risk Of TB, Vitamin A

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    Aurn Jaitley announced Union Budget 2017, Union Budget for 2017, highlights of union budget 2017, Tuberculosis

    Highlights of Union Budget: 2017 2017-02-01 12:17:54

    Finance Minister Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today (1st Feb) announced the Union Budget for 2017 which broadly focused on 10 themes Arun Jaitley said Demonetization is expected to have an impact on the economy, it was a bold and decisive...

    Keywords: Top stories, Union Budget for 2017, Union Budget for 2017, Union Budget for 2017

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    diseaseimmunisation of a child., immunisation of child against diseases, how to immunise your child against diseases, Tuberculosis

    How to Immunise Your Child Against Diseases 2013-06-03 10:17:18

    It’s common knowledge that kids are more prone to catch a cold or get infected, causing your overprotective motherly instinct to work overtime. We are here to soothe your soul and ensure that your little angel doesn’t fall under the...

    Keywords: diseaseimmunisation of a child., immunisation of child against diseases, child diseases immunisation, immunisation of child against diseases

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    paracetamol, national pharmaceutical pricing authority, medicines to cost 80 cheaper, Tuberculosis

    Medicines to cost 80% cheaper 2013-05-17 09:01:23

    After a very long wait, the government has decided to pass the highly delayed drug price control order which implemented the pharmaceutical pricing policy. As a result, the everyday medicines on average had a price reduction of 20-25%. A few...

    Keywords: national pharmaceutical pricing authority, drug price control order, drug price control order, dpco

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