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  • HMDA, 600 lakes dry up in 35 years, hyderabad 600 lakes dry up in 35 years, Hmd

    Hyderabad: 600 lakes dry up in 35 years 2012-04-10 14:12:10

    In the year 1975 Survey of India listed that nearly there were 1,000 water bodies with exclusive aquatic flora and fauna in Hyderabad.As a matter of fact at that time Hyderabad city was called the “City of Lakes”. When the HMDA...

    Keywords: Hussainsagar lake., HMDA, HMDA, 600 lakes dry up in 35 years

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    Nokia’s 3310 is back, Nokia 6, nokia is back with classic 3310, Hmd

    Nokia is back with Classic ‘3310’ 2017-02-27 09:37:27

    Nokia is ready to bring the re-boot model of iconic Nokia 3310 after 17 years. The handset would cost around Rs. 3,500 and will be launched along with other Android smart phones, next quarter. The Chief Marketing Officer of HMD...

    Keywords: HMD Global, Nokia 5, Nokia is back with Classic 3310, Nokia 5

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    after treatment, Japanese agency, hussainsagar lake for sale after treatment, Hmd

    Hussainsagar lake for sale after treatment 2012-03-27 21:09:23

    HMDA and GHMC planning to put a price for the famous Hussainsagar lake water, once it is treated and released into the lake.The cost of the project incurred is estimated around 370 crores mostly funded by the Japanese agency. The project...

    Keywords: GHMC, HMDA, Hussainsagar lake for sale, Hussainsagar lake for sale

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