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  • India, GPOI, trump administration approves sale of 6 apache attack helicopters to india, Gps

    Trump Administration Approves Sale of 6 Apache Attack Helicopters to India 2018-06-13 11:10:26

    The deal to sell six AH-64E Apache attack helicopters has been approved by the Trump administration for USD 930 million, that will strengthen India's ability to defend its homeland and deter regional threats, the Pentagon said on Wednesday. Regarding the...

    Keywords: Donald Trump, Trump Administration, India, Trump Administration

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    Meme, Meme, twitter uproars down with memes with kalankreview, Gps

    Twitter uproars down with memes with #KalankReview 2019-04-18 11:50:33

    Given the kind of high profile cast that the movie was boating upon, Kalank most definitely was one of the most anticipated Bollywood movies of 2019. The only downside to the fact is that majority of the audience who did...

    Keywords: Bollywood, Kalank, Bollywood, Bollywood

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    sunny leone, sunny leone is leading, lok sabha election result sunny leone is trending on twitter and the reason will make you go rofl, Gps

    Lok Sabha Election Result: Sunny Leone Is Trending on Twitter and the Reason Will Make You Go ROFL! 2019-05-23 06:54:21

    On the day when the whole of India is waiting to find out who would win the world’s largest democratic election, former adult star Sunny Leone is seen trending on Twitter and the reason is funny enough. It all happened...

    Keywords: sunny leone trending on twitter, sunny leone trending, sunny leone, sunny leone trending on twitter

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    Purinton, U.S., kansas shooting indian techie s killer gets life imprisonment, Gps

    Kansas Shooting: Indian Techie's Killer Gets Life Imprisonment 2018-08-08 06:46:28

    A man, who killed an Indian engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla in Kansas shooting earlier this year, has been sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.Adam Purinton, the United States Navy veteran had fatally shot Kuchibhotla, who hailed from Hyderabad and injured two...

    Keywords: Adam Purinton, U.S., Indian, U.S.

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    wireless, GPS, scientists develop new system to track robots soldiers without gps, Gps

    Scientists Develop New System to Track Robots, Soldiers without GPS 2018-10-11 08:43:00

    Scientists, including one the Indian-origin has developed an algorithm that can assist locate robots and humans in the areas where GPS (Global Positioning System) is unavailable.According to scientists at the United States Army Research Laboratory, they need to be able...

    Keywords: signal, GPS, Scientists, Direction of Arrival

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    NHC, Florida Coast, hurricane michael rescue efforts begin amid ruins of florida coast, Gps

    Hurricane Michael: Rescue Efforts Begin Amid Ruins of Florida Coast 2018-10-12 08:40:27

    Rescue and search efforts began in the Florida Panhandle as the United States army, state authorities and volunteers dealt with Hurricane Michael's wake on Friday.A Category 4 storm, Michael, smashed into Florida's northwest coast near the small town of Mexico...

    Keywords: National Hurricane Center, NHC, Michael, Florida Coast

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