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  • travelers, travelers, volocopter electric helicopter services can soon be a reality, Funds

    Volocopter, Electric Helicopter Services can Soon be a Reality 2018-06-07 12:08:35

    A German startup company, Volocopter GmbH is gearing up to offer electric helicopter to ferry travelers across city skies.The startup company backed by Intel Corp. and Daimler AG has built an electric helicopter in an anticipation to offer its basic...

    Keywords: city skies, travelers, city skies, Electric Helicopter

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    Transferring Money, Abroad, pan becomes obligatory for transferring money abroad investments, Funds

    PAN Becomes Obligatory for Transferring Money Abroad, Investments 2018-06-06 12:13:53

    Permanent Account Number (PAN) has made obligatory to transfer money overseas for kid's education, to acquire property or shares in foreign countries.In the absence of PAN one cannot be able to transcend the mere annual limits either. This attempt has...

    Keywords: LRS, Abroad, LRS, Abroad

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    Limited Data, Limited Data, whatsapp claims sharing limited data of payment service with facebook, Funds

    Whatsapp Claims Sharing Limited Data of Payment Service with Facebook 2018-06-11 08:53:50

    WhatsApp, a popular messaging application has claimed it shares limited data of payment service with its parent firm Facebook and the social media major does not use the data for the commercial purpose."Facebook does not use WhatsApp payment information for...

    Keywords: Limited Data, Limited Data, Limited Data, Whatsapp

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    Guatemala, Guatemala, guatemala volcano death toll rises to 99 rescuers search for missing, Funds

    Guatemala Volcano: Death Toll Rises to 99, Rescuers Search for Missing 2018-06-07 08:54:12

    Rescuers proceed to hunt for survivors and victims of Fuego volcano's calamitous eruption in Guatemala, country in Central America that has killed at least 99 people. The volcano, Volcan de Fuego exploded on Sunday in Guatemala in the most ruinous...

    Keywords: Death Toll, Death Toll, Rescuers, Death Toll

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    Vijay Mallya, Court Orders, vijay mallya to pay costs to indian banks uk court orders, Funds

    Vijay Mallya to Pay Costs to Indian Banks: UK Court Orders 2018-06-16 10:10:14

    The United Kingdom High Court has ordered Indian businessman Vijay Mallya to pay a minimum of 200,000 pounds towards the costs of legal case pursued against him by 13 Indian banks, including State Bank of India. Earlier this month, after...

    Keywords: United Kingdom, Court Orders, Court Orders, Indian Banks

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    Parental Leave Payment, New South Wales, indian origin employer penalized failing to pay parental leave payment to employee, Funds

    Indian-Origin Employer Penalized, Failing to Pay Parental Leave Payment to Employee 2018-05-23 11:35:08

    An Indian-origin employer, director of a company in New South Wales has been charged with huge penalty by the court for withholding his employee’s $12,000 parental leave payment from Centrelink and then for lying and deceiving investigators.Kulpreet Singh and his...

    Keywords: Indian-Origin Employer, Indian-Origin Employer, Parental Leave Payment, New South Wales

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