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  • perfect eye make-up, Smoky eyes, eye make up tricks to rock any party, Eye make up

    Eye make-up tricks to rock any party! 2016-09-28 12:20:24

    The eyes are the windows to your soul! It makes the perfect sense to make them as much as impressive as you might want a perfect wardrobe or a hairstyle. The eye mack-up gives the different look to your face....

    Keywords: perfect eye make-up, Eye make-up tricks, perfect eye make-up, Smoky eyes

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    Perfect make-up, Perfect make-up, some common mistakes while applying your make up follow our tips, Eye make up

    Some common mistakes while applying your make up. Follow our tips 2016-09-02 12:28:20

    Do you forget everything while lining your eyelids with liquid liner, or your lips before layering on the lipstick? But still had imperfect lines? Or you have applied excessive foundation? Don’t get upset because make-up application doesn't always go as...

    Keywords: Perfect make-up, Make-up mistakes, Mistakes correction in make up, Perfect make-up

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    Eyewear and fashion, Eyewear and fashion, art of wearing glasses bold look and rich attire, Eye make up

    Art of Wearing Glasses - Bold look and Rich Attire! 2015-05-07 11:54:38

    The eyewear makes the people, both posh and dirt depending upon the choice and suitability. For some people the spectacles are really horrible as they lose their pretty looks and gains old-age. And for some others, the dull appearance can...

    Keywords: Bold appearance with spectacles, Foundation for makeup, Foundation for makeup, Eyewear and fashion

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    Cheeks, Eyes, makeup to get ultra chic look, Eye make up

    Makeup To Get Ultra-Chic Look! 2013-08-12 09:39:44

    Makeup enhances the beauty of a woman and adds a different touch to it. While bright colours like orange, yellow and blue are trending, most of the women stick to the elegant feminine look. Pink makeup adds a special touch...

    Keywords: Eyes, Makeup To Get Ultra-Chic Look, Lips., Lips.

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    Coconut oil benefits, Coconut oil benefits, coconut oils as any time rescuer, Eye make up

    Coconut oils as any-time rescuer! 2016-05-18 12:38:41

    Coconut is definitely a super food and yields many benefits in many forms! Coconut oil offers quirky and awesome life hacks. The reason for it being so advantageous and healthy is for it being a highly saturated oil and thus...

    Keywords: Coconut oil, Coconut oil, Coconut oil, Coconut oil benefits

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    women grooming, Working women grooming, how to dress up for office, Eye make up

    How to dress up for office 2014-10-21 09:48:41

    Dressing right makes you feel confident and also politically correct. Grooming for working women needs a careful balance between looking smart and non-distracting. Working women have to be careful about their outfit and makeup. A women cannot afford to look...

    Keywords: Working women dressing, dressing up office, women grooming, right dressing office

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