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    How to Prevent Cold and Flu 2011-12-29 09:50:58

    Why we get sick and how to stay healthy during cold and flu season. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers. Q. Can flying on an airplane make you sick? A. "Yes," says Bruce Polsky, chief of the division...

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    Ebola, Human Antibodies To Fight Ebola, new human antibodies to combat ebola, Antibodies

    New Human Antibodies To Combat Ebola 2017-05-20 10:30:34

    A team of Scientists which was led by the Indian-origin has discovered the natural human antibodies which can neutralise and also protect animals against from three virulent Ebola viruses. The new study can aid to discover vaccines against the deadly...

    Keywords: Ebola, New Human Antibodies To Combat Ebola, Ebola Virus, Ebola Virus

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    why walking is healthy, how music helps us, too serious about health chill, Antibodies

    Too serious about health? Chill! 2013-08-20 13:14:35

    Take a chill pill all you serious people out there. You know stress affects you badly. Ok, so you have religiously stuck to your strict diet and exercise routine. But, there is another contributor to good health. Relaxation. To relax...

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